no map 

you thought there would be a route map here?  THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS



THE ROUTE REVEALs ITSELF AS the race PROGRESSES via SCANNED qr codeS that PLACE the next dot on the map SHOWING where to go

location sharing will ALLOW us to see you and allow RIDERS FANS TO TRACK YOU VIA A LIVE FEED


STOPS might be where huMAN TASKS take place ~|~ they ARE an INTRICATE part of the route


What does my registration get me?

  • Access to a race that is unlike any other race in existence

  • A race designed for you to have a adventure experience first and foremost. We do this race event thing completely different from start to finish. And, so will you

  • beverages, swag and race gifts

  • manduro takeaways

  • An adventure so unique people will invite you over for years to come just to hear your stories.

  • You can always stay home on the couch with a pack of PBR ~ we don't care ~ it's safer that way

Will there be support on the route?

  • Support from the event staff? No! DON"T EXPECT IT. WELL, WE DO TEND TO SURPRISE YOU

  • Support yourself, flag down someone, knock on a door, scream out and hope someone hears you.  You won't be alone in your suffering, you mAY be alone when you suffer

Can I have my own support team?

  • this might be a waste of time, and time is so precious on manduro

  • You'll want someone to come get you when you do tap-out so you don't have to make the long journey riding or LIMPING from wherever you are when you hit your limit. And, you will hit your limit.

How many riders will there be?

  • A maximum of 40 riders in 2021 FOR MANDURO. All must be 21 or older.

  • MINDURO SUMMER #'s MAY VARY | winter minduro WILL TOP OUT AT 100

Do I have to qualify?

  • You don't have to qualify. You can be denied. If you have the guts to enter, you'll likely make it into the event. We'll look into who you are. We certainly do not want to put anyone out on the route that has no business there, for your safety and ours. mandatory ~ RIDERS WILL NEED TO VIRTUALLY ATTEND A PRE-RACE ZOOM MEETING \ MISS THIS AND YOU MISS OUT

What can you tell me about the ride?

  • manduro is an epic adventure and a suffer-fest. minduro is a little less epic.

  • Unique adventure comes via box checkpoints, brew SPOTS, and huMAN tasks as the riders travel from point A to B to C ... so on and so forth using a QR Codes to find the next location which links to Google Maps, and then the next...

  • Too often we find ourselves absolutely needing to know the who, what, where, when, why, and how of life and that is so prevalent in what is expected in running, biking, and other adventure races. That's not how this works. You don't get those comforts. You don't get that assurance of knowing where you are going. You don't know what is beyond, next.

  • By using "MAN" in manduro, we're actually mocking that term, you'll have to see what these short tasks turn out to be. Gender has nothing to do with manduro or the tasks ~ Have you ever climbed a tree house in the rain?  Throw a dart through your bike frame  to hit a balloon?  Hit a beer can shooting a sling-shot? Chopped firewood? Start a fire with the friction from your spinning wheel? Set a table properly? Thrown a boomerang? Braided hair? POSED WITH ADOPTABLE PUPPIES? POLE DANCED?

  • You could be wet, thirsty, chaffed, disoriented, or worse... or, ALL. Isn't biking fun?

What should I expect on the route?

  • Thick stuff. Single track. Sugar-sand. Mud. Thorns. Good roads. Bad roads. Worse roads. Gravel. Ups. Downs. Water crossings. Mental fatigue. Physical punishment. Debris. Poison Ivy. Spiders. Snakes. Disgruntled people. Relying on technology. Technology failure. Needing other technology. Making crucial choices under heavy duress. Skills beyond riding fast.  Feeling alone. Heat. Wishing you were on a different bike. Deciding to stay with a group or break off alone.  New places. New experiences. New routes. Great views. Brews. Cool, adventurous people. And, boxes to BAG while riding the route.

What type of bike?

  • You can use just about any bike that is not electric/power assisted. It all depends on how crazy and skilled of a bicyclist you claim to be under any condition.

  • At some point every rider will wish they had another type of bike other than the one they are on. plan accordingly

Technology, what about that?

What about inclement weather?

  • Rain or Shine or Both. Hot. Humid. Wind. Wet. The race goes unless there is a tornado or hurricane, and maybe even then.

Where do I stay before and after the event?


  • Riders coming from afar can be connected with our friendly network of bicycle hosts here in the Triangle area, if you ask. After registering, let us know if you need a hook-up with a local and we'll find someone.

What about the Start and Finish?

  • MANDURO adventure starts Friday promptly at Noon at the sound of the train whistle

  • Rider registration check-in begins at 9:00 am


  • More information, but not much more, is given out to registered riders and to the public/fans via the event pages 

  • All riders, regardless of success on the course, will be treated with great fanfare and respect.


Can I have friends and family at the start and finish?

  • DUE TO COVID 19, we may be limiting the start and finish to as few people as possible.

  • We'll have the race LIVE ON A ZOOM

What about insurance?

  • We'll have some, maybe you should too \ Most travel adventure insurance plans are relatively inexpensive and might be a literal life-saver \ if you are a member of a bike club or association, check there \ or, risk it

  • You'll sign a waiver or two

How do you finish this thing?

  • It will involve pedaling, navigating wisely, exploring, sore butts, and, most important, time management

  • Sign up, how do you know you can't finish 'til you try?

  • Obviously, the manduro experience of past riders is an advantage but hey, they paid their dues

  • Finishing is relative. We will celebrate you having the courage to start. Each rider gets a finisher TOKEN that reflects how far they made it in the race with their last bagged box number PUT ON IT

Which is it ~ 200, 250 or, even more miles?

  • Yes ~ See the bottom of the MAP page

manduro route information

​We use paper maps, online maps, and app maps along with a combination of riding, running, and driving with GPS to factor a route that - when taken from point to point, connecting the location dots through the most direct path, without access warnings or crossing private boundaries along the course – creates a race route which has a total distance of about 250 miles. 

In a case where it is posted or an understood restriction, riders should not cross. Find another way. Sometimes the access is from a different direction than the cyclist will be heading via the last point. Access is not always on the shortest track using roads, trails, or bushwhacking. There is always a way. This is in no way to be tricky or to cause riders to spend more time calculating their next route. It is a given outcome when planning a route that maneuvers riders in and out of densely populated zones, rural areas, and what we love most, out-in-the-boonies. We strive for the later as much as possible. You should be able to ride your bike to within about 30 yards of most Box/QR Code/Brew/Beverage location on the manduro course. With all this information, it is really about making good decisions on the fly with limited tools and a clock ticking that will make/break the success/failure of someone racing manduro.

On the high end, a well-executed direct ride of 250 miles for 36 hours roughs out to averaging 7 miles an hour, without sleep - QR & Box Stops. The 30 sec to 2 minute huMAN tasks. Temptations. Hardware. Body wear. Mechanical longevity. Unexpected circumstances - none of these are factored in when considering the 7 mile an hour average. You must overcome them all and put together the perfect race. The race record is just under 24 hours. 

As ​riders makes their way along the route, the accumulation of their time and speed forms a rising and falling curve called a running average. We’ll call it a “riding average.” For every second spent below the 7 mile an hour target, a rider will need to compensate by advancing a second going faster than that average. This is why a rider does not want to stop. Every second spent at 0 mph is a moment they can never recover. Banking time is essential. Keeping track of your riding average is the most important time concern for a rider wishing to complete manduro. It’s RIDEiculous. When most unsuccessful riders look back on the race, they know where they lost valuable time to not make the Last Call or are pushed so far back they must tap out. We will be implementing a 6 hour minimum distance in future races.

Unfortunately for riders, no matter how carefully they keep to a set cadence on certain terrain, they will not know when it might change up causing a slowdown. Or when they will have to stop to scan a QR Code to find the next location. Or stop to bag the contents of a one of the 13 boxes (unlocking, opening, closing and re-locking them after, of course). Or a brewery location stop with its huMAN task (most 30 seconds to 2 minutes) and the temptations of beverages, a cool environment, bathrooms, and maybe even food. Or…weather. Not to mention if they must take time to recharge batteries. Keeping the phone working is as challenging as keeping the body and bicycle moving forward in manduro. It is essential.

Go. Scan. Keep going for more. Stop when you are done. If home, food, or a brewery sounds more appealing than the pain and suffering, all the rider needs to do is point their steed toward that location and forget the course. Or phone a friend for extraction. All of this will add up to an adventure of bicycle riding unlike any other despite a rider’s ambition, skill, training, and other preparation.

 The adventure awaits at manduro. 

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