2018 manduro pioneer riders

manduro story

In 2013, two LUNATIC Raleigh area bike riders told another casual rider - who just happens to be an adventurist and an event professional - that they had an idea for a bicycle race that included rough riding broken up by stops where you have to chop wood and build stuff. You know, "man" schitt.  Thus manduro was born.

It became a part of THE UNDERBELLY OF SOCIETY in 2018. It's alive.

Advice from the manduro pioneers riders:
  • What would you recommend for a future manduro racer?
    • Be prepared to fail, but embrace that, and enjoy how far you make it
    • Have a way to charge and use your phone while moving
    • Don't plan to stop for rest if you have any expectations of finishing
    • Slow is fast and keep your feet dry
    • rubber-side down
    • You won’t be able to sleep so prepare for that
    • Your phone is paramount. Using it seamlessly while riding is easier with a wearable. It looks like a ribbed dildo protruding from your chest but it improved my bike-phone experience 10 fold
    • Be prepared but enjoy the ride, most fun race I’ve done to date
    • focus on essential gear, minimize the "nice to have" stuff.. use all info available, pay attention to detail.. don't let mistakes get you down.. just keep grinding it out
    • Good luck fools
  • What was your favorite location and why?
    • Dart throwing to pop the balloon. Not too hard, not too easy. Let's me get back on the bike fast
    • Probably digging through the buses off walnut creek trail, it was spooky, and kinda cool
    • the one where we had to cross a creek using a fallen tree was fun because i almost died
    • enjoyed Oak City Brewing the most. Really liked the beer and shooting the slingshot
    • Box  near the power tower. Possibly because it took us so long to figure out. Had we spent a little more time figuring it out, we wouldn't have been so disoriented to get there
  • What would you do different, from the start of the race?
    • minimize gear to carry; try to spend less time at stops
    • Waterproof everything, phone mount on bars, compass
    • Ziplock bags. More butt butter. Bring a compass
    • Slow down. I felt compelled to stay in the pack to make challenges easier when I got there
    • Power bank to charge phone on the go
    • Secure power banks in bags. Have more power banks. Andnot wait for people
    • Have a battery that works and make sure it doesn't get wet. Figure out a way to keep or get feet dry
    • Find the next point before going there.. or at least have a good idea about where it is
    • take time to read and decide the route to next
  • Could you have gone further and why didn't you?
    • Yes, but I knew I wasn't going to make it through the night. Rather than waking my wife up at 2 in the morning, I decided to tap out early. My phone had also stopped charging due to water damage, and I didn't want to get stranded
    • Yes, lack of working bike
    • Yes i had to rely on power, my power banks got rained on
    • Yeah. I lost the motivation to keep riding alone. My feet were also in pretty bad shape after so many hours of being damp
    • Physically yes. Mentally yes, I think so. With a team of other riders, not so much
    • No, we got as far as I could.. maybe if I found box 8, but not much further even then
    • Yes but missed the cutoff
    • I think so.. interesting question why, have been debating.. will just say too much time not on the bike and a couple wrong moves
    • Yes. But was relying on other rider for nav
    • No I had a severe rash and would have to alternate between short sprints
  • Why did you tap-out?
    • 36 freaking hours out there...crazy
    • Large time spent wandering to find boxes made it impossible to finish in cap
    • I was at the 14 hour mark and could no longer sit on the bike due to gross chafing
    • Mental more than physical, the slog through the bean field defeated me mentally
    • Bike issues
    • External battery wasn't working so I had to separate from other riders to stop and charge. Once I had stopped for an hour the exhaustion hit me and I gave in
    • A number of reasons conspired to the tapout

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