Drinking is in no way a requirement to participate in the minduro and manduro adventure races. You certainly may, since you are 21+, however drinking adult beverages is not intended to be a factor in your race success or failure.

Attempting to reach some points of these adventures can be dangerous. Trying could lead to both minor and major accidents resulting in injury or death. You must approach many locations from only one correct direction to avoid the possibility of injury, trespassing, or other problems both predictable and unpredictable. Proper navigation in these situations is a must. Take time to know before you go. Some locations are in rugged, isolated areas, where even minor mishaps can escalate quickly into a life threatening crisis.

Locations can be near areas where access comes with a warning of its own or is restricted. Trespassing in areas like this can result in being arrested, yelled at, shot at, or some other possibly worse outcome.  Always remember that right of access to any area is in constant change. Past access to an area does not guarantee present access. We will not point you via any QR code lat/long location where you must trespass where it has been posted. There will always be a way to a QR code location without trespassing, these are the routes every rider should find and take. If access should change in the time between the race course being set up and the start of the race we'll adjust in real-time. For this reason, we'll require riders to provided location tracking permission & phone #'s to communicate via Google and/or other apps.

By use of information on this website, the Reader/Cyclist/Participant that participates in any way in this event, hereby releases the authors, event personnel, sponsors, partners, volunteers, and any other associates as well as fellow participants, from liability for any injury, including but not limited to monetary loss, loss of body parts, reduced or total collapse of mental health, death, divorce, and any other damages that might be connected with this website, these events, or ideas generated from this adventure or other adventures like this one produced by originovel llc and the team that represents the company.

This is serious stuff. Don't do things you are not equipped, prepared, or trained to do.  It is dangerous. Do not underestimate the seriousness of these words or this event. You are putting yourself at risk. That is what makes life exciting.  We are not responsible for you, your choices, your friend's choices, or your family being sad and lawsuit-angry once you are no longer with the human race or incapable of being the whole person you are right now while reading this warning.

Adventure at your own peril. Being self-sufficient and responsible for your own self-preservation should be your ultimate goal. Seriously, you have been warned and you will be warned again. We'll ask you to sign stuff to attest to your understanding of all this information before the race.

Due to COVID-19, See the CDC's Guidelines on vaccinations and social distancing. If you are sick or have been exposed, do not attend. We'll have extra precautions and formatting to address issues related to safety impacted by COVID-19.

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